On the evening of our reunion, the Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Beale, Jr. was kind enough to offer a blessing to the class as copied here.

Upper Dublin High School

Class of 1970 Reunion

Talamore Country Club

723 Talamore Drive

Ambler, PA 19002
Friday, 26 November 2010




Let us pray: Not because it’s customary to do so, but because it’s necessary.



O Lord, forty years have passed since we graduated from Upper Dublin High School … where we sat beside each other and sought to learn. For many of us, it was the last time our paths crossed one another. Many things have happened since we parted ways. In fact, we’ve probably lived the better portion of our lives since then. While some opted for a far away land, others stayed in this community. But, tonight, we are blessed to be together again. We thank you, O Lord, for this opportunity, and for those of our class who have expended considerable time to make this event happen.


As we have occasion this evening to reminisce about our high school days and seek to get caught up with each other … experiencing moments of laughter over memorable times, and perhaps tears of remembrance of those classmates and teachers who have passed from this life ... grant us a renewed sense of our humble beginnings and an awareness of the ultimate reunion that awaits us in eternity.  May the moments we share this night serve to rebuild our friendships and establish ones we never had before.


Now bless our fellowship with your presence, and grant that this food will serve to nourish and strength us … remembering that we were never intended to live by this bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from your mouth.  Amen.



Written & Delivered by: Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Beale, Jr.



The UDHS Class of 1970 Reunion Planning Committee is excited about our upcoming 40th Class Reunion, which will be held on Friday, November 26, 2010 at the Talamore Country Club in Horsham, PA. 
Our class has much to share with each other and celebrate since our graduation day in June 1970.  Many Cardinal alumni have since graduated as well and I am sure all alumni would agree that our high school days were filled with great experiences and many friendships that prepared us well for our future endeavors.

As our planning committee continues to finalize plans for our reunion event, I wanted to highlight some of our planned activities for this reunion weekend.   We have established several objectives for our reunion:

1.     Rekindle and Reacquaint our relationships with our high school classmates and friends

2.     Celebrate the Cardinal Pride of the Class of 1970

3.     Reflect upon some of our memorable moments during our high school days

4.     Reconnect and develop a Renewed commitment to Upper Dublin High School, an educational institution that continues to excel in preparing our students for continuing their education beyond high school and their future roles in a vey complex and uncertain world.

With these stated objectives, we plan to facilitate traveling down “memory lane” thru photos and other means about our past experiences in High School and the years after up to the present date.  We welcome your input and suggestions to assist us with this part of our planning. 

We have invited the UD Education Foundation to provide our class with an update on the “State of UDHS” to include a tour of the brand new High School, which is still under construction as we plan our reunion.  The UD Education Foundation will also share with us their on going plans for educational development and highlight how alumni continue to participate and share in nurturing and mentoring our young high school students today. 

We plan to develop a Class of 1970 outreach initiative that will demonstrate our gratitude and forge our legacy for the benefit of UDHS and the UD Education Foundation.  We also hope to provide our classmates with the ability to purchase UDHS memorabilia that are currently available at the UDHS bookstore, another way to share in our financial support for high school education and the important role extra-curricular activities serves in the development of the “whole person.”

Please take advantage of our Class of 1970 Reunion Website, use it as a means to connect with the planning committee and our classmates, help us locate classmates that we have not been able to reach, share your memories, post photos, and most importantly let us know how we are doing, give us your suggestions, and plan to attend.


Gary Miller

UDHS Class of 1970 Reunion Planning Committee

Gary Miller  
Marc Fishman
Perry Ritter    
Vicki Henderson Bootman  
Victoria Satterthwaite    
Karen Fad Maskas   
Cathy Cook McKeever 
Nancy Schmidt  Logan
Janis Milstein Murphy   
Carol McClain Cosgrove   
Joe Hildebrand