Committee Welcome
​Welcome to the UDHS Class of 1970 • 50th Reunion Planning Committee



December 28, 2019

Dear Classmates,

It is hard to believe that we have been out of High School for 50 years, isn't it? We have all finally come to the conclusion that those were the good old days; not the "oh so difficult growing up years" we thought we would never live through. As we moved forward through college, the service,  or our first jobs, we realized that our parents really knew more than we gave them credit for and now, all these years later, we appreciate all that they did for us.  Now, looking back with fond remembrance, we sometimes wish we could go back and visit that time, an easier time. A time when a gallon of gas cost .36, a stamp cost .06  and the average price for a ticket to the movies cost $1.55. Well, here we are, 50 years later, looking back and realizing that the education we received at Upper Dublin High School was the first important step to our becoming the people we are today.

 The Reunion Committee of the Upper Dublin High School Class of 1970 is working hard to put together a Reunion to celebrate that first step we took 50 years ago. With over 8 months advance notice, we hope that you will all plan to attend.

 Please continue to monitor this website, for as our planning progresses, we will be adding more important information. You will soon find a Reunion Weekend Agenda including a Welcome Back Cocktail Party on Friday night in addition to the dinner the following evening, how to buy tickets, the price of the tickets and places to stay if you're coming from out of town.


Jim and Nancy Gebhardtsbauer Abbott

Jim Abbott: Co-Overall Coordinator, Treasurer 
Nancy Gebhardtsbauer Abbott: Co-Overall Coordinator 
Ken Beale: Class Chaplin
Perry Ritter:  Class Historian 
Victoria Satterthwaite: Web and Graphic Design 
Sandy Adams Leach: Data Coordinator, Décor 
Jackie Powlus McEntee: Venue Search, Décor 
Ross Schriftman: Class Outreach 
Sunny Coyle Latimer: Playlist, Class Outreach
Diane Youtzey Sandy: Class Outreach 
Karen Fad Maskas: Class Outreach, Décor 
Janis Milstein Murphy: Class Outreach 
Muriel Spiece: Class Outreach
Joe Hildebrand: Class Outreach